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Ethiopia: In 2015, the average honey and colony prices were 131 Ethiopian Birr (ETB)/kg (6.34 USD) and 667 ETB/colony (32.28 USD), respectively. [1] According to a local scientist (Holeta Bee Research Center, Ethiopia), the prices increased (2018) to 260 ETB/kg (9.45 USD) for honey and to 1,200 to 1,500 ETB (43.64 USD to 54.55 USD) for new colonies. The price for 1 kg of purified beeswax was 250-300 ETB (25-30 USD) in 2014. [2]

Indonesia: There is no official data regarding prices of honey bee products, but according to a local scientist (Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia), the price for 1 kg table honey is at around 200,000 Rupiahs (IDR) (14.20 USD in 2018). Further, a study, were beekeepers of 4 islands of Indonesia were questioned, revealed high regional prize differences and high fluctuations of prizes at the same location. In Nusa Penida for example, the beekeeper gets up to 500,000 IDR (35 USD in 2015) for a 750 ml glass bottle of honey. This price can range from 400,000 to 1,2 million IDR. These fluctuations are based on the availability of honey. In remote areas throughout Java and Sumbawa, beekeepers have not only difficulties to sell their honey, they also get lower prizes, usually not more than 70,000 IDR/kg (4.80 USD in 2018). [3] Indonesian beekeepers often catch feral honey bee colonies to house them in hives. This may be the reason, while there is a lack of data on colony prices. The price for 100 ml liquid propolis ranges from IDR 45,000 to 300,000 (3.11 - 24.17 USD).


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