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Business Development was an important task in the second half of the SAMS project. We conducted a market survey to contextualize local scenarios, developed 54 Business Models suitable for Ethiopia, Indonesia and Europe, and provided information on funding and licencing opportunities, labels and certificates for bee products.

SAMS - Business Models

The SAMS Business Models range from honey reselling, digital marketplaces, beekeeping supply and logistic, food and beverages (honey derivative products), beekeeping products for health and beauty to tourism, capacity building and professional consultancy, education and technology incl. remote monitoring beehives, decision support system (DSS), printed circuit boards (PCB) and Data Warehouse. 

The core and business range in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Europe differs from each other since the apiculture sector of each country is in a different stage. Considering the country needs (see also D2.3 Results of Market Survey) in the business development activities, the Ethiopian, Indonesian and European SAMS Business Models cover the following core and business range:

Ethiopia Indonesia Europe
Capacity building and professional consultancy
  • Food and beverages
  • Technology
  • Smart/modern beehives
  • Education
  • Beekeeping supply and logistic
  • Marketplace platform
  • Digital platform
  • Certification agency
  • Financial agency
Beauty product
  • Honey reseller
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Honey supply
  • Food and beverages
  • Health product
  • Technology
Logistics/ supply
  • Software and hardware
  • Smart Hive/ Hive Monitoring systems
  • Education

Check out all 54 business models and the 11 most promising ones here

Funding of Start-ups

Funding information for your future business can be found here here

Licencing opportunities

Licencing information for your future business can be found here here

Labels and Certifications for your bee product

Do you wish to learn more on labels and certifications? Click here

The following reports are associated to the topics above:

  • D2.3 Results of Market Survey
  • D2.4 Evaluation of Business Plans
  • D2.5 Evaluation of Business Licences in Place or in Formation