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Pirk and colleagues reviewed, that in the year 2015, at least 23 "honey bee viruses" were known globally. [1]. Important viruses reported in Asia and/or Africa are: Black Queen Cell Virus (BQCV), Sacbrood Virus (SBV), Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV), Deformed Wing Virus (DWV), Varroa destructor Virus 1 (VDV-1) and Acute/Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus (ABPV and CBPV). [1] [2] Despite there may be similar symptoms such as wing deformation in DWV and VDV-1, the pathogenesis of mentioned viruses differ from each other. The symptoms range from loss of hair to even paralysis of bees. [1] [3]

Ethiopia: So far, 9 different viruses affecting honey bee health were detected in Africa. [1] While multiple viruses were observed in the neighbouring countries (Threats for introduction of new pests), [4] [5] there is a lack of information regarding the honey bee virus status in Ethiopia.

Indonesia: According to Ellis and Munn, 6 different honey bee viruses were observed in Asia. [6] Unfortunately, there is a lack of data on the virus status in Indonesia.


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