Honey bee products and honey bee sector

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Bees do not only produce honey, but also other very valuable products like beeswax, pollen, propolis, beebread or even bee brood can be considered as a "product". Within this chapter the following keywords are discussed: honey (production, honey market value chain), beeswax (statistics, use, …), pollen (statistics, use, …), propolis (statistics, use, …), import and export quotes of bee products, and the products’ prizes. While there exists a cryptic market for pollen and propolis in Indonesia, Ethiopia's beesector mainly focuses on honey and to some point on beeswax. Summarizing the data provided from FAO, Ethiopia can be regarded as a net exporter of honey (mostly to Europe), whereas Indonesia is a net importer (mostly from Asia). Prizes of bee products also differ greatly between target countries and even between regions.