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The SAMSwiki is a living knowledge database that is continuously growing and developing. We are looking for people who want to become part of this community, share their knowledge and actively contribute to the growth of SAMSwiki. If you can add another language, if you want to add beekeeping knowledge for another country or if you want to contribute in another way - contact us!

You can become an administrator, shape the content and development of wiki and this dynamic community.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Let's collect beekeeping knowledge and create new content together!

General contact: [1]

List of administrators:

Stefanie Schädlich (wikiname: Coordinator)

GIZ - project manager

Project coordinator of the SAMS EU project

contact: [2]

Kristina Gratzer (wikiname: KristinaG)

University of Graz - research associate (honey bee research)

SAMS project member - main content creator SAMSwiki

contact: [3]

Aleksejs Zacepins (wikiname: Sams-wiki admin)

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies - Asoc. prof. and lead researcher (precision beekeeping)

SAMS project member - technical advisory SAMSwiki

contact: [4]

Robert Brodschneider (wikiname: RobertB)

University of Graz - lead researcher (honey bee expert)

SAMS project member - content creator SAMSwiki

contact: [5]

Cooper Schouten (wikiname: Cooper Schouten)

Southern Cross University - research assistant (beekeeping for sustainable livelihoods in the Indo-Pacific region)

content creator SAMSwiki

contact: [6]

Flemming Vejsnæs (wikiname: XXX)

Danish Beekeepers Association - beekeeping expert (for European beekeeping)

content creator SAMSwiki

contact: [7]

Consult the How to use the SAMSwiki? if you wish to create an account.