SAMS-system based recommendations/management options

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  1. Mass nectar flow:
    SAMS-system based recommendations for a mass nectar flow event(illustration: Perempuangimbal/LabtekIndie/SAMS project).

  • Explanation: during nectar flow bees collect nectar and pollen to sustain their colony. If a major nectar flow is in bloom, bees are able to collect the nectar in high abundances. The surplus of nectar is converted into honey and stored in the hive.

  • Output SAMS-system: increase in weight by a certain percentage (e.g. 10%) compared to the average weight data of the last few days. The percentage value may be country- or operation depending.

  • Recommendations:
    • Take a look into the hive
    • Check if the honey is ripe (when >70% of the frame is sealed; no brood on the frame): use a refractometer or do a shake test (turn the honey frame horizontally and shake it jerkily -if sphlashes are observable, the honey needs more time)
    • extract the honey and leave enough forage to the bees
    • protect your product from direct sunlight and store it in a dry surrounding
    • If the honey is not ready yet, do nothing and close the hive