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Within the EU funded SAMS-project, food safety certifications and labels were collected. They should be used on honey bee products to improve their value on the market. Information on certificates and labels are provided, as well as the requirements to obtain the label/certificate and an instruction on how to apply to receive it, are provided.

Little label glossary
Product label
The term "product label" is a general term used to describe a printed information fastened/attached to a product to communicate about the product (typically retail products) from the manufacturer to consumers or product quality controlling bodies.
Purpose of a product label
The primary purpose of a product label is to identify type, quality standard, size, brand, product line, manufacturer and other product-specific information in order to inform the consumer/user and encourage a purchase. When used in the context of foodstuffs, it may refers to nutritional quality information located on food packaging.
Product label in medicine
In medicine, additional information about safety issue like active and inactive ingredients, concentrations of active ingredients and presence of habit-forming substances are required on the product label.

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Little certificate glossary
Product certification
The term “Product certification” is a procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service is in conformity with certain standards.
The certificate demonstrates to the buyer that the supplier complies with certain standards, which might be more convincing than if the supplier itself provided the assurance.
The organization performing the certification is called a certification body or certifier.
Certification body
The certification body might do the actual inspection, or contract the inspection out to an inspector or inspection body.
Certification decision
The granting of the written assurance or "certificate", is based on the inspection report, possibly complemented by other information sources.

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